5 Best Vacation Destinations in the World

So I heard you’ve been looking for a wonderful place to cool off for the summer, winter, whenever you are able to get a leave from work. You need somewhere magical you and your family or your better half or perhaps just you can go calm your nerves. Somewhere so magnificent it completely detaches you from all the fracas happening around you.

Well search no further as we have taken the liberty to do that search for you and present you with 5 of the best places you will definitely enjoy spending your vacation in. these places were picked as 5 of the best due to their scenery, tourist attractions, cuisines, people, weather, and so many other reasons. Below are the 5 best vacation destinations in the world chosen for you and listed in no particular order.

  1. Paris, France

Parii, as the city is popularly called is France’s capital and one can easily see why upon entering the city. It is said that one can actually spend months of one’s best lives in Paris without seeing so much of the real main attractions. Yes, that’s how big and beautiful the city is. Famed for its Eiffel tower, Paris has other places that would make your vacation a very memorable one such as a plethora of museums, eventful cafés, wonderful shopping malls and so lot more.


  1. Cancun, Mexico

The famous Cancun in Mexico used to be a mere dull village on a coast in the country before it was transformed into the buzzling place that now boasts numerous luxurious accommodations, miles and miles of beaches, topped off with an atmosphere always filled with party. You are bound to have a great time while vacationing out here.


  1. Rome, Italy

“Rome wasn’t built in a day” goes the popular saying as old as the city it speaks about. Being the capital city of the wonderful country that is Italy, the everlasting city of Rome boasts quite a number of churches, monuments, and ruins that have been restored to give the new generation, tourists and visitors a feel of what types of buildings they had during the era of the Roman Empire.

They are also famed for their wonderful cuisines and your visit to Rome isn’t complete without treating yourself to a bowl of Italy’s famed pasta along with a taste of the wonderful gelato.


  1. London, England

London probably doesn’t need to be talked about that much as virtually everyone knows about this incredulous city. This cosmopolitan city perfectly combines traditions of days past with that of the modern age.

London is also known to be the home of famous bands such as the Royals and the Beatles. They also have wonderful football stadiums for the sport fans out there.


  1. New York, New York City

New York City! A city known for producing musicians such as Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Sam Smith, and Jon Bellion. The city has lots of mouth-opening architectural buildings and a plethora of museums that makes that thrive in the arts industry. You are bound to find endless possibilities in the city of New York, and if you ever feel lazy, you can simply go to Central Park and enjoy the view.


Those were the best vacation destinations we were able to fish out for you to have the best holiday ever. Endeavour to let us know which you would be visiting and why!

Tanzania will blow your mind

We’re not done with East Africa, and what we have here is sure to stay in your dreams until you make the decision to take a Tanzanian vacation. With luxurious mountains, exotic wildlife, and the standard cultural allure of almost every African country, Tanzania is a dream get away and a once in a lifetime experience for every travel and tour enthusiast. If you’ve been thinking of escaping to some place where you can find some silence, reconnect with nature and get excited about life all over again, then we’ve got you covered here, Tanzania is exactly where you want to be and here are the reasons:

  • Mount Kilimanjaro: We know you’ve been expecting this. Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain is a sight you do not want to miss for any reason. Standing at a height of 5,895m, the Uhuru peak which is the highest on the mountain is among the seven summits of the world which represent the highest mountain in each continent on our planet. Either you want to hike up some of the peaks, or you just want to watch in awe of the magnificence of nature, Mount Kilimanjaro has got you covered.
  • National Parks: Lions abound in Tanzania, and there is no better place to watch the kings of the jungle alongside other animals than the beautiful parks where they have been preserved in their natural habitats. Serengeti national park which is the largest in Tanzania might well be your first point of call, from there, you may check out the Lake Manyara national park with its long necked giraffes and lush vegetation kept fresh by the swampy area, the Tarangire and Selous game reserves are also spots you don’t want to miss for any reason. These are not the only national parks that Tanzania has to offer, you’ll find a lot more when you get on the ground yourself and consult a tour organization.
  • Islands, beaches, and lakes: Starting with the Mafia Island where divers can go under water to experience the beautiful and diverse marine life under water, Tanzania is a country with an amazing display of aquatic and marine features. Continue your tour on the Zanzibar archipelago and allow your toes sink in the white sand while the tides come in washing over your legs. The blue waters will waters and beautiful skies will give you an experience that is out of this world and you will definitely want to come again. Pemba Island is another beautiful place that may not be as popular as Zanzibar’s beaches or the Mafia Island. However, being relatively unknown may turn out to be an advantage since you get to enjoy this marine paradise in relative silence compared to the more popular island destinations.

Come hangout in Tanzania and have the vacation you always dreamed about.

The Spanish Bull Festival.

YouTube is filled with various funny videos of Spaniards running in front of bulls. Some people get gored, some get injured, others get their clothes torn… various funny and sometimes painful incidents are recorded on film, emanating from the bull festivals in Spain. You must have wondered at some point what this is all about and why Spaniards and residents of Spain will willingly expose themselves to such risks. This piece gives a little history about the Spanish Bull Festival, its practice, when it’s done, and a few other interesting details that will definitely add a little to your knowledge. You never know when it may come handy.

What Does The Festival Involve?

The actual name of the festival is actually The Running of Bulls. It takes place in various places and provinces all around Spain, with each area having its own Running of Bulls. The most popular one is the Pamplona Running of Bulls held in honor of Saint Fermin during the nine-day festival of Sanfermines. It involves a crowd of people running in front of a group of cattle, which are often six in number. The cattle are of the Toro bravo breed and they are released in specific sections of a closed street. Naturally, the bulls tend to chase the people, and this is where the fun lies, running desperately among a crowd of other people to escape being mowed down by the horns of bulls.

The bulls race from where they’re being bred to the bull ring where bull fighting takes place in the evening. The bull running is held within the distance between the keeping pen and the bull ring and it often lasts for about two and half minutes. The beginning and end of the festival is signaled by the firing of rockets. The Running of Bulls is a part (an important one) of the annual San Fermin festival which holds between the 6th and 14th of July. The Bull running proper starts from the second day of the festival and holds till the end by 8am every morning.

How did the Running of Bulls Originate?

According to Spanish folklore, this practice began in the early 14th Century. Cattle farmers and dealers who wanted to take their bulls to the markets from their farm for sale had to find a way to get their bulls to move faster. Various tricks were employed which involved scaring or exciting the animals all in a bid to get them to the market fast enough. As time went on, it became sort of a competition between various people, and the young people within the communities also saw it as a form of sport and a way to display their Bravado.

The Running of Bulls festival has come a long way since its beginnings, and is now a festival that attracts worldwide interest, often being featured in movies, books, and documentaries. Details

Spain and Catalonia: What exactly is the problem?

It’s been in the news and at the forefront of blog post and article topics about the secession of Catalonia from Spain; the referendum held by the Catalans; the election in which pro-independence parties won the major number of seats; clashes with police during demonstrations by both pro and anti-independence protesters.
In today’s instant news and sensationalism atmosphere, it’s easy to keep getting inundated by headlines and catchy blog titles. We flip through superficial stories written by people trying to get traffic on their websites. This leads to a paucity of information and lack of in-depth knowledge about current issues.
In this short piece. We will attempt to give you a concrete idea of what’s actually happening between Spain and Catalonia backed up with a little history. We will, however, leave you to form your own opinions and draw your conclusions about the issue.
Spain and Catalonia are like an obsessed couple in a dysfunctional relationship. Going through many cycles of dating, breaking up, and reuniting.
Spain and Catalonia basically got joined through a marriage- that of Queen Isabella 1 of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon. Although they ruled the territories separately, their grandson Charles I of Spain became the ruler of both lands in 1516, even becoming the emperor of Rome too after the death of Maximilian I his paternal grandfather.
The first major modern independence movement was the Catalan revolt that occurred between 1640 and 1652 where Catalonia sought French support to secede from the rule of Spanish royalty. Spain was able to regain control but allowed Catalonia to retain her rights.
Over the years, Catalonia has undergone a lot of changes in her autonomy status. Conservative dictator Franco took away Catalonia’s autonomy in 1940s after the Spanish civil war, the autonomy was gradually returned towards the end of his regime and after his death in 1975.
So, technically at the moment, Catalonia is an autonomous community with her own system of government (the Generalitat of Catalonia headed by a president), security and judicial system. But she’s still considered as being under the kingdom of Spain. The pro-independence protesters are fighting for a complete independence. A clean break in which Catalonia would stand alone and be recognized as a country in its own right. Various local and non-binding referendums have supported the push for Catalan independence from Spain.
Due to the fact that pro-independence parties had a strong presence in parliament. A binding referendum for Catalan independence was approved by the Catalan parliament in 2017. It was however declared illegal by the Spanish government and voting was done amidst violence with Spanish security forces attempting to stop the referendum from holding. At the end of the referendum, Carles Puigdemont who is the president of the Generalitat of Catalonia announced that Catalonia had become independent. The Spanish government then activated a clause in the constitution with which the Catalan government was suspended and direct rule is being administered from Spain. Carles Puigdemont has had to go on exile in Denmark with members of other pro-independence parties already in detention.
This is how things stand at the moment. In elections conducted by Spain in December 2017, pro-independence parties still retained the majority of seats in parliament. It remains to be seen whether or not they would be able to push through the secession of Catalonia from Spain

5 Reasons Spain is Such a Great Place to Visit

Whether you want to go shopping in the sunshine or enjoy a city break touring the beautiful Gaudi Architecture, Spain is a great place to visit. You can head to the musical festival, or just enjoy a villa holiday in one of its islands. While Spain is not perfect, it’s still one of the best places to visit in the world. As compared to other destinations, it has something to offer visitors with a variety of interests. When all things are considered, a vacation in Spain is something that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Here are 5 reasons Spain is such a great place to visit.

1. The food

Spanish food is popular all over the world and every region has its own specialties. With infinite seasonal and local variations, Spain has such a variety of food that you may find it difficult to choose. It has restaurants with nice pavement tables, food markets to explore, and quaint bars packed with local food. When you aren’t in the country, Spanish food doesn’t taste the same.

2. Landmarks and historical ruins

With various civilizations and empires ruling Europe for centuries, it’s no surprise that they left several landmarks in different parts of Spain. While Italy is the best place to see these, ancient Hispania has some of the most marvelous ruins. As a matter of fact, a number of these places are still used today for performances. There are also several monuments, UNESCO world heritage castles, sites and medieval towns. It’s actually hard to find any Spanish town that doesn’t have a fortress, beautiful church, tower or castle.

3. Fiestas and Festivals

This is perhaps one of the best reasons why you should choose a vacation in Spain. You may want to burn off some steam by throwing a party of food and wine or have a somber religious procession during the week. Whichever you choose, you will agree with me that Spanish festivals are not only stunning but also unforgettable.

4. The cathedrals and the mosques

As compared to other countries, it’s immediately apparent that cathedrals and mosques in Spain are breathtakingly amazing. Interestingly, each one of them is different. If you are inclined towards architecture, you will realize that Spain has different cathedrals from various designers, artists, and others. From the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela to Gaudi’s modern masterpiece, you will find that all these places are worth visiting. And, with more than 1000 beautiful mosques it’s also a cool place for Muslims to worship.

5. Beaches

Having more than 5000 miles of coastline, Spain boasts thousands of beaches. Most not only provide scenic wonder, but most provide access for those who have disabilities. These beaches are not only considered some of the best in the world, but are highly recognized throughout Europe. The beauty of them is reason enough  to choose a vacation in Spain.

Apart from this, there are also a number of compelling reasons why you should choose Spain as your next destination. Those include beautiful weather and friendly residents; reason enough to pack your bags and travel to Spain. You can rest assured that you will not be disappointed.

Flying to Kuwait: Is it safe?

Kuwait. The one places that not many people are considering going. This is because of all the negative news that the media is telling about. But, if you need to go to Kuwait and you are afraid that it won’t be safe to fly, then you should make sure that you are reading this. This is information to ensure that you are going to be safe when you are flying and visiting Kuwait:

Is flying to Kuwait really safe

One thing that you don’t need to worry about, is that flying to Kuwait isn’t going to be safe. However, it really depends on the type of airline that you are going to use. Most of the airlines are safe, but just like anywhere else in the world, there are some of the airlines that are more of a risk than other.

This is why you should make sure that you are going to do research and use the airline that is most trusted. Even, if this means that you should spend more money on your ticket.

Terrorism and tourists

Yes, there is some form of terrorism in Kuwait and there is always the risk of terrorist attacks. However, the one thing that you need to know is that there are risks to terrorist attacks all over the world.

You should just avoid the part of Kuwait where the risk is higher. They are respecting tourists and you will save most of the time. Doing research and know what to look for when in Kuwait might be a lifesaver.

Crime in Kuwait

This might come as a surprise, but the crime rate is low in Kuwait. Their laws about crime are strict and they are taking crime seriously. Especially, when it comes to crime towards tourists.

You should think that because of poverty, the crime will also be just as high as the risks to terrorism, however this isn’t the case at all. This might a third world country, but their laws they are taking seriously. And, if you are doing crime as a tourist, you might be in some serious trouble.

Kuwait isn’t as dangerous as what many people might think. There are some risks, yes, but it doesn’t mean that your life will be in danger when you are visiting this country. You should just do your homework and make sure that you know as much about the risks that you are going to encounter and you should know which part of Kuwait is more dangerous than other parts of the country. Then, you can have a great time in this country, without worrying too much about your safety.  For a trip with beautiful scenery right here in the states…..visit owensboro