Tanzania will blow your mind

We’re not done with East Africa, and what we have here is sure to stay in your dreams until you make the decision to take a Tanzanian vacation. With luxurious mountains, exotic wildlife, and the standard cultural allure of almost every African country, Tanzania is a dream get away and a once in a lifetime experience for every travel and tour enthusiast. If you’ve been thinking of escaping to some place where you can find some silence, reconnect with nature and get excited about life all over again, then we’ve got you covered here, Tanzania is exactly where you want to be and here are the reasons:

  • Mount Kilimanjaro: We know you’ve been expecting this. Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain is a sight you do not want to miss for any reason. Standing at a height of 5,895m, the Uhuru peak which is the highest on the mountain is among the seven summits of the world which represent the highest mountain in each continent on our planet. Either you want to hike up some of the peaks, or you just want to watch in awe of the magnificence of nature, Mount Kilimanjaro has got you covered.
  • National Parks: Lions abound in Tanzania, and there is no better place to watch the kings of the jungle alongside other animals than the beautiful parks where they have been preserved in their natural habitats. Serengeti national park which is the largest in Tanzania might well be your first point of call, from there, you may check out the Lake Manyara national park with its long necked giraffes and lush vegetation kept fresh by the swampy area, the Tarangire and Selous game reserves are also spots you don’t want to miss for any reason. These are not the only national parks that Tanzania has to offer, you’ll find a lot more when you get on the ground yourself and consult a tour organization.
  • Islands, beaches, and lakes: Starting with the Mafia Island where divers can go under water to experience the beautiful and diverse marine life under water, Tanzania is a country with an amazing display of aquatic and marine features. Continue your tour on the Zanzibar archipelago and allow your toes sink in the white sand while the tides come in washing over your legs. The blue waters will waters and beautiful skies will give you an experience that is out of this world and you will definitely want to come again. Pemba Island is another beautiful place that may not be as popular as Zanzibar’s beaches or the Mafia Island. However, being relatively unknown may turn out to be an advantage since you get to enjoy this marine paradise in relative silence compared to the more popular island destinations.

Come hangout in Tanzania and have the vacation you always dreamed about.

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